Pain and Healing

Healing and releasing pain begins with opening to a new understanding of pain – as a message, a teaching, and a doorway to a greater understanding of our bodies and our whole selves. Our culture encourages us to just block or ignore pain, but there is another way – a way that comes from a place of respect for our bodies, a place of listening and honoring.


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From over 25 years experience working with people with acute and chronic pain, Dr. Robin created these unique guided imagery meditations. They can be helpful in transforming your experience of acute or chronic pain to a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection.

“Pain and Healing ” guides you to explore pain, both physical and emotional, in a new way, experiencing a new connection to your mind-body and exploring a new way to find relief and healing.

NO MEDITATION EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. Beginners will enjoy the simplicity of this technique, and if you are an experienced meditator, you will appreciate this powerful and innovative meditation.

Track 1- “Understanding Pain” gives you a new understanding of pain as your body’s way of communicating with you. In just half an hour, you can experience a new way to hear what your body is trying to tell you. (30 minutes)

Track 2, “Four Steps to Healing” Dr. Robin guides you into a deep examination of the healing capacities of human beings. Using her “Four Steps to Center™” guided imagery meditation technique, this is a unique exploration of healing body, heart, mind and spirit. It takes you on a beautiful meditative journey in which healing becomes a powerful and accessible process. (30 minutes)

Using Dr. Carol Robin’s Guided Meditation tapes over the years has helped me deal with the stresses of my life. Feeling increasingly overwhelmed, as I struggled with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, menopause, and the illness and death of my mother, Carol’s calming voice, peaceful music and simple instructions allowed me to regain a connection with my higher self and to reconnect with nature. Her tapes have had a truly positive effect on my life and my well-being.

— V. Simmons – New York, NY

I have, for many years, hoped the chatter in my head would be silent for a few moments. I had tried so many different supposed remedies, however, nothing seemed to work. Then I tried Carol’s guided meditation Four Steps. After I listened to the tape, 6 or more times, there was peace and quiet. AAAHHHH! Not soon after I experienced the meditation I thought of my tension/migraine headaches that had filled my entire 38 years. I wanted to try Carol’s guided meditation tape for pain and healing. It worked. I had never been able to overcome a tension/migraine headache until I listened to Carol’s trusting voice. Then there was no pain.

— L. Fisher – Hurley, NY